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MatchMaker.Tech is the ultimate reverse and direct recruitment solution that brings developers and companies together on a global scale. A combination of endless AI power and the work of highly qualified people makes MatchMaker.Tech a place where everything is taken into account and you are several taps behind reaching your goals. 

Our commitment to excellence runs deep. We understand the importance of a perfect match in the dynamic fields of IT industry. Whether you’re a business seeking top-notch talent to drive success or an individual in pursuit of your dream project, we’ve got you covered.

How it works:

We’ve grouped our clients into two main categories. “Job givers” are individuals or companies looking for talented professionals for their IT projects or tasks. “Job takers” are individuals or companies that proficiently and promptly execute assigned tasks/projects.

AI under the careful supervision of our HR experts analyzes job requirements and candidate preferences worldwide, suggesting ideal matches along with the degree and percentage of their compatibility. Based on offers and % you decide which candidates to process or for which job to apply. We assist in accelerating and simplifying the job search and candidate selection process by at least 3 times!
Also, with proven success records, we offer the establishment of IT offices from scratch in Georgia and Poland.

Join us at MatchMaker.Tech and experience the power of a perfect match. Together, we’ll elevate your talent and tech endeavors to new heights.

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I have a project and looking for the right talents to extend my business


I’m open for new working challenges and career opportunities


I’m interested in consultation about my company/project or my career


Clients Testimonials

In the face of overwhelming demand and the necessity for a carefully curated team with specific technical expertise and territorial constraints, MatchMaker Tech stepped in swiftly and effectively. Their adept matchmaking not only expanded our team but did so with precision. Thanks to their quick and efficient efforts, the project was rescued, and our client couldn’t be happier.

Alex R.

“Job giver”

CEO at Lumex

MatchMaker Tech transformed my career. Their understanding of the worldwide IT market opened doors to exciting opportunities I never thought possible. They don’t just match skills; they listen, understand ambitions, and align them with roles that truly resonate. As a result-oriented professional, I can confidently say that MatchMakers is the catalyst for my career growth.

Michael B.

“Job taker”

Senior Java developer at CodeWise

I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for the outstanding support your consultants have provided in optimizing our sales department. The positive impact on our operations and client acquisition has been truly thrilling. MatchMaker Tech’s strategic approach and personalized solutions have not only fine-tuned our sales processes but have also led to a significant increase in new clients. I wholeheartedly recommend MatchMaker Tech to CEOs in search of a knowledgeable and results-driven partner for sales, recruitment optimization, and the expansion of their client base. The expertise your team brings in navigating the intricacies of sales and recruitment has been instrumental in fostering growth and efficiency within our organization.

Oleksander M.


CEO at That’s IT

I have longstanding and positive experience working with Tetiana and her team for over 8 years on various IT projects. As the CEO of PettersonApps, I have consistently witnessed their team deliver outstanding results. Our collaboration began in the early stages of my company’s formation, and Tetiana’s team has consistently brought forth exceptional projects, contributing significantly to the growth of my company to over 100 employees. Their expertise, dedication, and ability to deliver exceptional outcomes have been instrumental in our success. I wholeheartedly recommend MatchMaker Tech to anyone seeking reliable and high-performing partners in the IT industry.

Alex O.

“Job taker”

CEO at PettersonApps

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MatchMaker Tech is an ambitious start-up specializing in the whole variety of staffing solutions. We are dedicated to making a perfect match. Connecting “Job Givers” with the right talents and assisting “Job Takers” in finding dream projects to work on.

Consider expanding your IT team and opening offices for your IT business in Georgia and/or Poland. Contact us for a free consultation.

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